Vlog video library from Katy and Blake as they visit unique concepts, new ventures and great insight examples brought to life - or simply musing over the latest consumer trends.

KAM Vlog | Enhancing traditional games with technology

How venues are starting to use technology to bring traditional entertainment bang up to date. Customers are increasingly looking for unique experiences and using technology to update traditional games is one way to bring the experience factor to life.

KAM Vlog | Arcade Food Theatre

Blake talks about the rising popularity of street food markets and food halls, and discusses the implications and impact this trend can have on how convenience retailers can bring their food to go offer to life and take it to the next level.

KAM Vlog | Frictionless Technology

Blake discusses the impact of frictionless technology on improving the customer experience. From McDonald's global reach through to the local independent, focussing on improving the customer experience (without the customer having to change) is critical.

KAM Vlog: Is your business prepared?

With the rapid rise in popularity (and sales!) of low and no alcoholic drinks in both the on and off trade, Katy discusses the growth of this category and sends a warning to operators - is your business prepared?

KAM Vlog | Social media for independent retailers

Social media advertising will see a 20% increase in advertising spend in this year, accounting for 13% of all global spend. This will mean that, for the first time, social media will overtake print for advertising spend. Don’t be left behind. Don’t be invisible.

KAM Vlog | What Should Research Be?

KAM's new marketing director Katie Jenkins visits The Restaurant Show and lets us in on why she loves research! kam-media.co.uk

KAM Vlog | Choose Gin

The gin explosion shows no signs of abating. Katy has a theory that the trends of customisation and personalisation are at the root of the fantastic growth of the gin category.

KAM Vlog | The Growing Popularity of Halloween

KAM Vlog EXTRA | We wan to hear your ideas!

If you like our Vlogs then we'd love to hear from you. Let us know about a trend, a new innovation or a store opening which you would like to see us cover in an upcoming blog and we will do our very best to make it happen!

KAM Vlog | Driving footfall everyday

The Waverley Arms pub is maximising every opportunity to drive footfall. Katy examines how they are using each day to create an event which encourages customers to come and visit multiple times during the week and receive a very different experience.

KAM Vlog | Pubs and Property

What is the connection between pubs and property? Katy explores the issues and implications, whilst considering what the future holds for the pub sector.

KAM Vlog | Pubs, Pies and Community

The role that a pub plays in the local community is vital and is one which is becoming more of a need for today's consumer. Locality, relevance and authenticity are all key aspects of what customers are looking for from brands and operators and pubs are perfectly placed to capitalise on this, whilst also giving something back to their communities.
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