What is The Licensee Index?

The Licensee Index is a licensee insight tracking research program devised to gain licensee sentiments and ratings of their parent pub companies. It takes place annually in October.

Our current participants
Admiral taverns
Charles Wells
EI Group
Greene King
Hawthorn Leisure
JW Lees
Punch Pubs & Co
Frederic Robinsons
Shepherd Neame
Star Pubs & Bars
St Austell
SA Brains
Hall & Woodhouse
Watch the film!

This short film serves as both an introduction to The Licensee Index and a summary of the key topics.

Why we created The Licensee Index

To independently identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for individual pub companies, based on how they are viewed by their licensees.

To establish key behavioural trends of licensees, enabling pub companies to better understand and deliver against their needs.

To allow pub companies to benchmark their performance against a competitive set.

To track licensee sentiment and behaviours over time in order to assess the relative success of initiatives implemented by pub companies, as well as track performance.

To better understand not just HOW licensees have behaved, but WHY and what they plan to do next.

The content we capture includes,
but is not limited to...

Key performance measures of pub company services, including communication, support and advice, quality of BDM, innovation, financial support and more.

Important influences on pub company sentiment; what it is that licensees want and need from their pub company in today’s current economic climate?

Hierarchy of pub company selection – what makes them choose one pub company over another and what makes them stay loyal?

Understanding what the future holds for licensees – where are the challenges and the opportunities, and what support they need in order to protect and grow?

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