Return of the Pub

A brand-new research study, in association with the BII, designed to understand the future behaviours and attitudes of pub customers when lockdown measures are eased. Defining the ‘new normal’ for pub experiences in the UK.

Commissioned in association with the BII
Supported by Toggle
the BII

Research conducted with 1,000 UK pub-goers. Defined as 18+ adults living in the UK who visited a pub on average at least once a month prior to the lockdown being enforced. Sample is nationally representative of the UK and includes segmentation by type of pub as well as wet-led and food-led experiences.


In an unprecedented and unpredictable time, it becomes even more critical to ensure that we have as much robust and relevant data and insight at our fingertips to help ensure we steer our pubs through this challenging period. The research will help you to;

1. Gauge the national mood on when and how pubs should re-open for business.
2. Understand the impact of enforced and/or increased safety measures on customer attitudes and behaviours.
3. Predict future customer behaviour in order to best prepare your pubs for post lockdown scenarios.
4. Discover what habits will remain and what new habits will be formed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
5. Best prepare your business for the ‘new normal’ pub customer and ensure you’re meeting their future needs in the short to medium term.

Topics research include;

Which Covid-19 prevention measures would they expect to see in pubs when they re-open? E.g. hygiene, service, PPE, screens, distancing, reduced capacity, specifically trained staff, etc. Which of these measures are MUST HAVE, NICE TO HAVE, NOT NECESSARY? Which measures do they think will have the most negative impact on their experience and why?

How important are pubs to them – where do they rank against other businesses that have been closed during lockdown – what would they prioritise, in order, to re-open if they had the choice? Has the importance and value of pubs gone up in the eyes of customers since the Corona crisis started? Are they more valued as a crucial part of the local community now than before?

How safe would customers feel visiting a pub post-lockdown and how does this compare to other experiences such as going to the cinema, museum, supermarket, etc.?

Do they think prices will go up when pubs re-open? If so, do they think it’s understandable and would they be accepting of it? Would they visit pubs as frequently as they did before lockdown? If not, why not?

How do they feel about limited numbers in pubs? Pre-booking visits? Are they likely to stay as long and spend as much as they did in pubs as they did before lockdown? If not, why not?

What occasions / purposes did they use to use pubs for before lockdown and will they use them for the same occasions/purposes in the immediate future post-lockdown? Which occasions/purposes are likely to suffer the most?

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Report available 8th June 2020. Available in electronic PDF and powerpoint formats. Register your interest in this report using the form below and we will contact you.