Return of the Pub 2022

The second year of this invaluable research, in association with the BII, designed to understand the future behaviours and attitudes of pub customers. Defining the ‘new normal’ for pub experiences in the UK.


Research conducted with a nationally representative sample of 500 UK pub-goers (18+ adults who visited a pub in the last 6 months) and 200 publicans.


Two years ago we were told not to go to the pub. British pubs were told to close their doors. The industry had experienced nothing like what was about to be thrust upon it.

Before the first lockdown was lifted, KAM carried out research, in partnership with The BII, to help the pub industry understand what their customers needed when they were welcome back the first time. People were still nervous. Hygiene was paramount. Social distancing measures were everywhere. But oh my goodness we'd missed our pubs!

Fast forward two years and a lot has changed. KAM has once again partnered with BII, kindly supported by Stint and Brakes UK, to take another close look at the British pub customer and how we can best serve them.

The research will help pub operators prepare for what comes next and future-proof their businesses for an evolving customer base.In an unprecedented and unpredictable time, it becomes even more critical to ensure that we have as much robust and relevant data and insight at our fingertips to help ensure we steer our pubs through this challenging period.

Topics research include;

Which Covid-19 prevention measures do pub-goers still expect to see in pubs when they re-open? E.g. hygiene, service, PPE, screens, distancing, reduced capacity, specifically trained staff, etc.

How important are pubs to them and what occasions are pub-goers visiting them for? Has the importance and value of pubs gone up in the eyes of customers since the Corona crisis started? Have their reasons for visiting changed?

What are the key decision drivers when deciding which pub to visit? Where do pub-goers look for information to help their decision and what influences them? How has this changed over the last two years?

Do pub-goers think prices will go up when pubs re-open? If so, do they think it’s understandable and would they be accepting of it? Would they visit pubs as frequently as they did before lockdown? If not, why not?

How have pub-goers food and drink preferences changed? Are pubs keeping up with diversifying diets? Does food play a larger role now vs pre-pandemic?

How have publicans changed and evolved how they riun their businesses? What are their priorities for the future?