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Technology Enhanced Customer Service

This free whitepaper from KAM Media and OrderPay looks into how technology is enhancing the customer experience within hospitality

Be it tech-enhanced, tech-driven or tech-enabled, new technologies are playing a significant role in helping hospitality operators navigate their way through the current crisis. It is also having a huge impact on the customer experience. With predictions of what the future may bring being shouted from every rooftop, there is one theme that consistently rears its head when anyone speaks of how our great hospitality industry will survive. Technology, technology, technology.

With predictions of what the future may bring being shouted from every rooftop, there is one theme that consistently rears its head when anyone speaks of how our great hospitality industry will survive. Technology, technology, technology.

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KAM & Feed It Back - Customer Sentiment Tracker

The new Customer Sentiment Tracker, a collaboration between KAM Media and Feed it Back, aims to help the hospitality industry keep track of how customers are feeling during these first critical few weeks and months after re-opening.

The tracker measures key KPI’s across the industry which focus on understanding customer sentiment. The data includes an overall NPS for hospitality as well as different sub-channels within it. Satisfaction ratings are also captured covering food, drink, cleanliness, atmosphere, service and value, amongst other things.

Customer feedback is collated from the Feed it Back database which allows for benchmarking across casual dining, grab and go, premium casual, fine dining and pubs. This is then complimented with consumer feedback from KAM Media to give a robust understanding of changing customer sentiment on a weekly basis.

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convenience retail insights

Commissioned by TWC and sponsored by Cirkle PR, with research conducted by KAM Media. This new research report covers the consumer and retailer behaviours and opinions on the short to medium term future of the UK convenience channel in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The research is based upon 427 interviews with UK adults (+18) who visited a convenience store at least once in the last 6 weeks. Nationally representative of the UK. Alongside 150 interviews with symbol and unaffiliated independent convenience retailers in the UK. Both pieces of research were conducted in May 2020.

beer drinkers in lockdown

The current situation has led to an evolution in consumer behaviour. This has been felt, none more strongly, than in the hospitality sector. With pubs in lockdown, beer drinkers have been adapting their purchasing and consumption habits. The new ‘consumer mix’ may have changed, possibly forever. Therefore, the challenge for brands and breweries is to ensure that they remain relevant to the customer across all elements of this mix, from traditional occasions in the pubs and tap rooms, to ‘at-home’ occasions, ‘Zoom nights’ to drinks in the park and more…

This report commissioned by BrewBroker, with research conducted by KAM Media, reveals the impact of lockdown on the beer enthusiasts of today, and what the legacy will be for their future behaviours. Featuring exclusive research with over 2,500 beer enthusiasts.

It is with the support of our suppporting partners that we have been able to create this report so huge thanks to Kegstar, Brewtapp and Fleet Street Communications.

UK wholesale data and insight

Discover what retailers and foodservice operators need from their wholesalers as we return to the 'new normal'. This white-paper has been created to help support the UK wholesale industry. Combining exclusive KAM Media research, joint research conducted in association with TWC and Cirkle PR and third-party research sourced specifically for this publication.

This white-paper will showcase the evolving habits and attitudes of independent retailers and foodservice operators as they face the challenging road ahead, in a post Covid- 19 and post-lockdown world.

the new normal insight

It's an unprecedented time for us all and one which we are still getting used to. The Covid-19 pandemic is not just impacting our health, it's impacting the very fabric of our existence. From how we shop, how we work, how we socialise and how we interact with other people. This white paper takes a look at how this fundamental change to our 'known behaviours' is likely to impact our consumerism in a post-Corona world.

Exploring six key trends for the the consumer of the future - hyper connectivity, virtual experiences, ambient wellness, delivery, building brand loyalty and collaboration. Ask yourself: What could we do in 2020 that people will still be talking about in 50 years time?

Generation Z

This report is the result of a research study speaking to 500 of the UK’s Generation Z between the ages of 18-24 to uncover the FACTS and not just about who they are but what they do and, above, all what influences them to do it. Ultimately this research can provide brands and retailers in the off and on trade with essential insight into what Generation Z want from them and how you can deliver against these needs in order to ensure that you’re influencing the influencers and not being left in the past.

Put simply, they will shape the way we will shop, eat, drink and interact with brands, because technology will lead the way and it's being driven by the influencers and no generation is more influential than Generation Z.

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