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In January 2020, KAM Media launched their inaugural research study into the low & no drinking occasion, and how customer attitudes and behaviours are driving it's rapid growth.

Fast-forward twelve months and a lot has changed in the world. However, we continue to see an exponential growth in the low & no category. Sales of low & no alcohol are up 30% in the off trade and up by nearly 50% in the on trade.

At KAM Media, we're delighted to be launching our follow-up research study, accompanied by an online launch event, to continue providing critical insight on the low & no category, from a customers' perspective. We've dived deeper into what has changed in 2020 and look ahead to the new customer trends for 2021.

We have conducted exclusive consumer research with a nationally representative sample of 500 UK adults (18+). Looking into the latest customer trends to help operators and brands unlock further growth in the category and satisfy customers' growing demand for this drinking occasion...

> Year-on-year comparisons. How have some of the key insights from 2020 shifted, one year on. What has changed and why.

> Assess the categories and brands that are winning in both the on and off trade and why. What are the customer drivers to purchase.

> Lockdown v lifetime. Which customer habits are short term and which are long term. We sort the future from the fads.

> Diving deeper into consumption occasions, barriers to trial, price perceptions, quality perceptions and our predictions for 2021 and beyond.

Report published January 2021. For more details click HERE

£99+ VAT. Available in PDF format.

Newtrade and KAM Media life after lockdown

Report published July 2020.

Available in PDF format.

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This brand-new research study, bought to you by Newtrade Media and KAM, is designed to understand the changing behaviours and attitudes of independent retailers to help define what the supplier-retailer relationship will look like in the ‘new normal’.

Research has been conducted with 300+ convenience retailers, representing nearly 500 stores. The sample includes both symbol and unaffiliated independents. This report is for suppliers and service providers to the UK convenience market. It focusses in particular on answering the needs of sales teams, the customer marketing function and field sales teams.

In an unprecedented and unpredictable time, it becomes even more critical to ensure that we have as much robust and relevant data and insight at our fingertips to help ensure our decisions and actions are right for the changing retail landscape that is emerging. How will communication between retailers and suppliers need to change? What do retailers want from suppliers in terms of communication and support? How have retailers needs changed with regards to range, promotions, PMP, NPD, POS and in-store environment? What would make them choose to work with one supplier over another going forward?

Pub research and insight

Report published June 2020.

Available in PPT and PDF formats.

Return of the Pub is a brand-new research study designed to understand the future behaviours and attitudes of pub customers when lockdown measures are eased. Defining the ‘new normal’ for pub experiences in the UK.

This exclusive research has been conducted by KAM Media, in association with the BII and with support from Toggle, Punch Pubs, Greene King, Admiral Taverns, Fuller's, Hawthorn, Star pubs and bars and Frederic Robinson. Our collective aim is to provide valuable information and insight to help operators and brands prepare for the ‘new normal’ as the UK exits lockdown.

The research is based upon 1,113 interviews with UK adults (+18) who visited pubs at least once every 6 weeks, prior to lockdown. Nationally representative of the UK. Research conducted in May 2020.
Featuring 60+ pages of data, insight, case studies from and commentary from industry leading influencers including; Steve Alton (CEO, BII), William Robinson (MD, Frederic Robinson), Anthony Pender (Co Founder, Yummy Pubs) and Ben Lockwood (Marketing Manager - OnTrade, BrewDog).

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Low & no alcohol trends

Report published February 2020.

Available in PPT and PDF formats.

Understanding the attitudes and behaviours behind this growing drinking occasion and what we need to do to take advantage of the category.

This report includes exclusive research, conducted by KAM Media, with 1,000 UK adults (+18) surveyed online, alongside interviews with 163 UK publicans. Both carried out in December 2019. In addition to the robust research, the report is supplemented by insight and analysis from leading industry experts including those from KAM Media, plus case studies and examples. Combining to provide a unique assessment of the underlying trends and possible opportunities of this rapidly growing category.

Featuring 70+ pages of data, insight, case studies and commentary from industry leading influencers including; Sandi Patidar, MD & Founder, Black Forest Beers - Alex Carlton, Founder, STRYKK - Mark Stretton, MD, Fleet Street Communications - Jessica Markowski, Sales Director Convenience and Wholesale at Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I.

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KAM Media Ontrade Outlook 2019

Report published May 2019.

Available in PPT and PDF formats.

If we listen to what consumers are telling us, then we will have the best shot at future-proofing our businesses.

We spoke to 1,000 UK pub customers and asked them over 100 questions to get to the heart of the key issues impacting their decision making and pub-going behaviours. Alongside insight from leading industry experts and interviews with insight from 100 UK publicans. We believe that this report provides the most concise and relevant content for any business looking to grow and succeed in the on trade over the next 12 months.

The report breaks down the key insight into 7 sections, covering the most important issues impacting customer behaviour now and in the near future; personalisation, premiumisation, experiential, ordering & payment, food, health & wellness, loyalty.

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UK hospitality research and insight

Report published February 2019.

Available in PPT and PDF formats.

'From Plan to Plate’ will help you to know YOUR CUSTOMERS and YOUR CUSTOMER’S JOURNEY. Unlocking these secrets is the key to successfully delivering against current and future customer demands. This publication is packed with data, insight, commentary and opinion. It’s a culmination of exclusive consumer research (speaking to 1,000 UK consumers who have eaten out for either a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in a pub or restaurant recently – at time of survey), and conversations with leading industry experts as well as insight and opinion from the team at KAM Media.

There’s a lot of market data available showing where people go and what they spend their money on – but very little in terms of WHY they make the decisions they do– and ultimately how we can better influence them. The aim of this report is to plug the gap in market data and provide you with actionable insights into why consumers make the decisions they do - along the length of the consumer journey from making their initial decision to eat out to choosing a venue, making their order and ultimately paying their bill.

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