Case Study

Signature Pubs

Discovering customer needs in a global pandemic


When lockdown began, Louise Maclean, Head of Sales and Marketing at Signature pubs heard Katy Moses talking about the importance of listening to your customer and staff. They had never carried out customer research and realised that in order to successfully re-open and re-attract their customer base, they’d need to speak to their staff and customers. Everything they had previously known, or assumed, could now have changed.


Signature Pubs sent out a survey to their customer database and staff to find out how they were feeling about the future and received a strong response rate. Drowning in the data received, Signature Pubs asked KAM to organise and analyse the responses and write a recommendations based on the results. A written report was presented (via Zoom!) to their senior team with clear customer insights and recommendations for the business in the ‘new normal.’


The research identified some key areas of opportunity for the pub company and has been used to shape their future strategy coming out of lockdown and been used to help shape debates as they plan for the future.

“KAM produced an insightful, professional presentation of the data that is so useful! It has allowed us to shape strategy, debate options and allow us to survey again in the near future to ascertain how the mood may have changed. We are keen to understand our customers more and this has given us a great start exactly when we need it.”

Louise Maclean, Head of Sales & MarketingSignature Pubs

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