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Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD)

Short films bringing insights to life for the next generations of UK wholesale


The Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) host an annual industry conference which provides the channel with the key news stories and insights for the year to come. The theme of this years conference was 'Next Generation Wholesale: Trends, Technology and Talent for the 2020s'. As part of the conference the FWD were keen to include the views and opinions of the breed of new talent emerging in the wholesale industry. They wanted to be a able to capture the views of this group in a way that felt genuine and was also informative and delivered in a way that would generate impact at the conference. With 500+ industry leaders and influencers in attendance it had to be something which packed a punch.


KAM Media hosted an informal focus-group style session with a handful of young wholesalers. Alongside the focus group we also undertook one-on-one in-depth interviews with each attendee to explore ideas and comments which they had made during the larger group session, to get under the skin of these individuals and uncover their passions and aspirations for the future - for themselves personally and for the channel as a whole. All these interviews and discussions was hosted in Red Bull's central London office and recorded by our team of professionally videographers.


Throughout the day, key themes arose and the KAM Media videographers produced a series of short films (2-3 minutes in length) focussing on each of these key themes. The videos were professional edited together to include the wider group discussions and one-to-one depth interviews. Through expert facilitation and crafted editing we were able to tell compelling stories over the length of these interviews which helped explore key trends such as lifestyles, food, influences, working in wholesale and the future of the industry. The final short films were shown during the conference and will be used by FWD throughout the next 12 months and beyond to inform and inspire their members and the wider channel.

You’ll see highlights of our short film series for the FWD as part of the video below which showcases the full extent of KAM Media’s video production offer. To see more information about how we use video to bring insights to life – CLICK HERE

You can see all the short films for yourself as they are currently being hosted on the FWD WEBSITE

“It was a pleasure working with the KAM Media team on our filmed roundtable discussion. They were spot-on from a technical point of view, and accommodated last-minute suggestions and amendments with ease. Their knowledge of our market and its customers was invaluable in getting the most out of the participants and selecting the most relevant insight for a punchy and engaging video.”

David Visick, Head of CommunicationsFWD

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