Case Study

David's Kitchen

In-store observations, interviews combine to bring expert consultancy to life.


David’s Kitchen are opening a new store which will feature approximately 50 covers and wanted to understand what their current customers think is good/bad about the current offer, with the intension of ensuring the new store concept delivers the right offer to meet customer demand.


Knowing why your customers choose to shop in your outlet and the reasons behind their purchase decisions is a critical aspect of ensuring that the offer, service and environment are tuned to meet current and future customer demands and expectations. With this in mind, KAM Media spent 2 days on the shop floor of existing David’s Kitchen stores, speaking to over 30 customers and observing how shoppers ‘shopped’ the store.


After collecting the shopper data, KAM Media spent a day workshopping the feedback and insight with the David’s Kitchen senior management team, exploring potential opportunities and highlighting examples of best practice. David’s Kitchen are planning on factoring in key take-outs from the research into their new concept store as well as existing stores, fundamentally improving the experience for their shoppers.

“We believe in obtaining customer research. Kam-media were excellent. Blake very quickly became part of our team and added a great deal of insight to our discussions. We will use them again.”

David Sands, ChairmanDavid’s Kitchen Ltd