From Plan to Plate

Uncovering the journey that customers make when eating out of home, from plan to plate.

Introducing the Plan to Plate report 2019

The ‘From Plan to Plate’ report is packed with data, insight, commentary and opinion. It’s a culmination of exclusive consumer research (speaking to 1,000 UK consumers who have eaten out for either a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in a pub or restaurant), along with conversations with leading industry experts as well as insight and opinion from the team at KAM Media.

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Why have we launched this report?

It is often put to us that there is a lot of market data available (showing where people go and what they spend their money on) – but very little in terms of why they make the decisions they do

As an industry we need to get to know our customers better and to build our strategies around customer insight

To understand how we can better influence customers to make the decisions WE WANT them to. This is where this report comes in.

What is the aim of the report?

To plug the gap in market data and provide you with tangible insights into why consumers make the decisions they do – along the length of the consumer journey from making their initial decision to eat out to choosing a venue, making their order and ultimately paying their bill.

‘From Plan to Plate’ will help you to know YOUR CUSTOMERS and YOUR CUSTOMER’S JOURNEY. Unlocking these secrets is the key to successfully delivering against current and future customer demands.

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The content we capture includes,
but is not limited to...


Was it for a specific occasion?
If so what occasion (calendar event or personal celebration)?
Rank each occasion you ate out for last year in order of how much your total party spent?
How large was your group for each occasion you ate out last year?
Which type of venue did you choose for each of the occasions you ate out for last year?


Did you know the exact venue at the time you made the decision to eat out? If so, how?
If now, how did you research the venue? What tools, if any, did you use?
Did you make a reservation? (Would you have liked to make a reservation but couldn’t?)
How did you make the reservation? Which device did you use?
What puts you off making an online or a phone reservation the most?

Influences on choice of venue

What are the most important factors that influence your choice of venue?
Do you follow any pubs or restaurants on social media, if so which platforms?
Have you ever taken a photo of your dish when out?
Have you then posted said photo on social media?
To what extent is how ‘photogenic’ the dishes are influence you to choose a particular venue?
Have you ever eaten out at a venue simply because you wanted to experience the venue?
Have you created an event/occasion to give you an excuse to do so?

Food/drink ordering

Did you look at the food or drinks menu before you arrived at the venue?
Did you know what you were going to order for your food before you arrived? If yes, did you change your mind when you got there?
Why did you change your mind?
If you could pre-order your food and/or drinks before you arrived at the venue, would you? If not, why not?
Did you ask the waiting staff any questions?
To what extent did the waiting staff influence what you, and your party, chose to order, and how did they?

latest consumer insights
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