Ontrade Outlook 2019

Future trends impacting the UK pub sector through the eyes of consumers and publicans

Introducing Ontrade Outlook 2019

We realise that it’s pretty impossible to predict the future but that doesn’t mean that we can’t prepare for it. This report aims to arm both operators and brands with insight and information to help understand the evolving needs of pub customers and to future protect your business by meeting the demands of the people that matter most – the customer. UK consumer pub trends that are impacting the future of the channel.

What is the Ontrade Outlook?

We’ve spoken to 1,000 UK pub customers and asked them over 100 questions to get to the heart of the key issues impacting their decision making and pub-going behaviours. Alongside insight from leading industry experts and direct publican feedback. We believe that this report provides the most concise and relevant content for any business looking to grow and succeed in the on trade over the next 12 months. Arming your business with not only the latest consumer trends but with insight on which of them will really be impacting customer behaviour.

Click on this cover to read a section of the report for FREE. This excerpt focusses on the growing trend of premiumisation within both food and drinks in the UK pub sector.
ontrade outlook 2019
What are the benefits of this research?

1. Don't go by gut feel and assumptions alone
2. Show that you are listening to your customers
3. Future protect your business
4. Understand what your customers want you to start doing and stop doing
5. Create impactful 'sales stories' for key stakeholders in your business
6. Help you calculate where to invest in order to gain maximum return
7. Don't be left behind by your competition and keep your fingers on the pulse

The content we capture includes,
but is not limited to...

Ordering and payment: How will technology influence and impact customer behaviour when ordering and paying? Can it ultimately influence customer decisions or be a factor in improving the customer experience?

Personalisation: How important is this trend to consumers and what are the limits? How can it deliver an experience above and beyond what they get at home and what challenges does data protection have in how far businesses can push their personalisation offer?

Premiumisation: How are consumption habits impacting consumer purchases? Does little and often relate to them wanting a more premium experience? What is the role of staff in driving premiumisation in pubs - will it be accepted by customers or is upselling a turn off?

Experience/ Experiential: What experiences are customers looking for in pubs and to what extent are they seeking out something out of the ordinary? What types of events/experiences are going to be the biggest footfall drivers and how can these offers encourage uplifts in spend, dwell time and visit frequency?

Moderation: Where would they like to see pubs improve their offer? To what extent are evolving customer habits (reducing alcohol intake, free-from diets. etc.) influencing their expectations of what a pub should be? Find out the products customers want to see more of in pubs.

Loyalty: What drives customer loyalty and what can pubs do to influence repeat visits? Understanding the optimal schemes that appeal to customers and the role of vouchers in influencing customer behaviours and loyalty.

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