Generation Z

Tomorrow’s Shoppers Today.

Everyone’s talking about Generation Z.

And with good reason. A quick Google search will show 356 million results for 'Generation Z' compared to 96 million for 'Millennials'. There are a lot of opinions out there, some informed, others... not so much.

Why are they so important?

Put simply, they will shape the way we will shop, eat, drink and interact with brands. Technology will lead the way and it's being driven by the influencers. And no generation is more influential than Generation Z.

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Our report is based on our own research study.

We spoke to 500 of the UK’s Generation Z between the ages of 18-24 to uncover the FACTS, not just about who they are, but what they do and above all what influences them to do it.

Our research provides brands and retailers in the off and on trade with essential insights about what Generation Z want and how to deliver against it. It will ensure you’re influencing the influencers and not getting left behind.

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Can you afford to ignore the influencers of the future?