The Customer Sentiment Tracker

The Customer Sentiment Tracker, a collaboration between KAM Media and Feed it Back, aims to help the hospitality industry keep track of how customers are feeling during these first critical few weeks and months after re-opening.

KAM & Feed It Back - Customer Sentiment Tracker

The tracker measures key KPI’s across the industry which focus on understanding customer sentiment. The data includes an overall NPS for hospitality as well as different sub-channels within it. Satisfaction ratings are also captured covering food, drink, cleanliness, atmosphere, service and value, amongst other things.

Customer feedback is collated from the Feed it Back database which allows for benchmarking across casual dining, grab and go, premium casual, fine dining and pubs. This is then complimented with consumer feedback from KAM Media to give a robust understanding of changing customer sentiment on a weekly basis.

KAM Media and Feed It Back Customer Sentiment Tracker
KAM Media and Feed It Back Customer Sentiment Tracker

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