Low and no beer at home

February 6, 2020Retail

Low and No alcohol – the ‘at home’ perspective In celebration of the launch of our low and no research report, we’ve spoken to a number of industry experts to gain different perspectives into the low and no opportunity. These include alcohol free spirits brands, low and no beer brands, retailers and on-trade operators. In … Read More

Low and No alcohol

November 1, 2019Retail

Low and no alcohol beverages are a growing trend, worldwide. In a short space of time the value of the ‘low & no’ category has grown rapidly. In the off-trade, in the past year, £43 million was spent on low and no alcohol beer. Sales of low and no alcohol beer in the on-trade are … Read More

Social media for indie retail

October 11, 2019Retail

Everybody loves a social media statistic, right? We know that a lot of people use social media. There are approximately 3.5 billion active social media users in the world at present (Oct 2019). Hard to fathom the scale of this? Well this is equal to the TOTAL amount of people who were alive on the … Read More

Winning in technology

September 27, 2019Retail

Technology is data. The world is full of data. Every action that you do is data. Every word you speak is a data. You walk, you dance, you speak, you sleep, you study, everything is data. But how can you be winning in technology within the convenience sector? Earlier this week I had the privilege of … Read More

Staff insights: Never forget!

September 20, 2019Retail

Sometimes it’s easier to forget about staff insights and to focus solely on the customer. I carried out research for a leading FMCG supplier some years ago. They wanted customer insights as they were spending significant amounts designing and developing new, high impact POS (point of sale) for retailers to use in store, and wanted … Read More

Coffee trends in convenience

July 11, 2019Retail

Wake up and smell the coffee. Why coffee trends in convenience are growing but still fall behind the growth of other independent outlets. The opportunity exists but is the channel grabbing it with both hands? Blake Gladman, Strategy & Insight Director It will come as no surprise to anyone that coffee is big business. I … Read More


June 21, 2019Retail

Community The local store must go deep to understand their shoppers. Only then can they deliver an experience that brings them into the heart of their community. Blake Gladman, KAM Media   I had a fantastic night on Wednesday this week, up in Glasgow, at the SLR Rewards. Even the monsoon rain that night couldn’t … Read More

Frictionless technology

April 18, 2019Retail

The optimal customer experience should be be frictionless. Frictionless technology and design is in essence about reducing the energy required by an experience. In other words, the customer experience would be improved without the customer having to do anything more (not repeat anything they’re already said, or press extra buttons on a screen, etc.). I … Read More

Fyre, Fyre, the festival’s on Fyre!

February 8, 2019Marketing, Retail

Fyre Fyre the festival’s on Fyre! I’m on a roll with the Alan Partridge references now. This one is a little more obscure and perhaps aimed at the 1%. Which could also be said for those who were the main targets for the ill-fated and now infamous Fyre festival. You don’t need me to tell … Read More