Coffee trends in convenience

July 11, 2019Retail

Wake up and smell the coffee. Why coffee trends in convenience are growing but still fall behind the growth of other independent outlets. The opportunity exists but is the channel grabbing it with both hands? Blake Gladman, Strategy & Insight Director It will come as no surprise to anyone that coffee is big business. I … Read More


June 21, 2019Retail

Community The local store must go deep to understand their shoppers. Only then can they deliver an experience that brings them into the heart of their community. Blake Gladman, KAM Media   I had a fantastic night on Wednesday this week, up in Glasgow, at the SLR Rewards. Even the monsoon rain that night couldn’t … Read More

Frictionless technology

April 18, 2019Retail

The optimal customer experience should be be frictionless. Frictionless technology and design is in essence about reducing the energy required by an experience. In other words, the customer experience would be improved without the customer having to do anything more (not repeat anything they’re already said, or press extra buttons on a screen, etc.). I … Read More

Fyre, Fyre, the festival’s on Fyre!

February 8, 2019Marketing, Retail

Fyre Fyre the festival’s on Fyre! I’m on a roll with the Alan Partridge references now. This one is a little more obscure and perhaps aimed at the 1%. Which could also be said for those who were the main targets for the ill-fated and now infamous Fyre festival. You don’t need me to tell … Read More

I love you…in a way

February 1, 2019Consumer, Retail, Tips

Do you get a card, some chocolates or even something a bit fancier? It’s only a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day – a day in which broken hearts are mended and relationships are reinforced. It does, however, always brings to my mind Alan Partridge.. Alan Partridge on the perfect Valentine’s Day:  “That is the … Read More

Have a butchers at this

December 14, 2018Retail

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas with our family. For anyone who works in retail, you’ll know the pains that all ‘retail’ families experience around the festive period. My wife, for example, is working both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, therefore travelling anywhere to see family over Christmas becomes very difficult. Hence why we celebrated ‘Christmas … Read More