Retaining new customers

May 18, 2020Retail

No1 priority for convenience retail: retaining new customers There is no shortage of predictions, advice, insights about what the ‘new normal’ or ‘life post lockdown’ might look like. At KAM we’ve had some absolutely fascinating interviews with a range of convenience experts over the last few weeks, as part of the Convenience Talks series. Many … Read More

The new normal for retail

May 4, 2020Retail

What is the ‘new normal’ for food and grocery retail? Last week, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stated that the UK must find a ‘new normal’ to ease lockdown. Ultimately meaning that social distancing will remain for some time following on from any loosening of the current restrictions. We’re all aware how much the world has … Read More

Convenience post lockdown

May 4, 2020Retail

Massive price war predicted for convenience retail post-lockdown Convenience retail consultant, Scott Annan, founder of the Independent Retailer Owners Forum, has made several eye-opening predictions, in an interview with KAM Media. The interview is part of Consumer Talks, a series of 10 minute interviews with convenience industry thought-leaders focusing on how to survive and thrive … Read More

Social distancing in stores

March 27, 2020Retail

How can stores get social distancing right From a distance there is harmony and it echoes through the land. It’s the voice of hope, it’s the voice of peace, it’s the voice of every man. I will never question the wisdom of Bette Midler again, as she may just be a prophet for our troubled … Read More

UK Convenience and Corona

March 19, 2020Retail

Some press are reporting that, convenience stores are now the backbone of our communities. They’ve been there all along, my friend. For those of us close to the industry, who work in or with convenience retailers, and the millions of shoppers who regularly rely on their local convenience store, it will come as no surprise … Read More

Low and no beer at home

February 6, 2020Retail

Low and No alcohol – the ‘at home’ perspective In celebration of the launch of our low and no research report, we’ve spoken to a number of industry experts to gain different perspectives into the low and no opportunity. These include alcohol free spirits brands, low and no beer brands, retailers and on-trade operators. In … Read More

Low and No alcohol

November 1, 2019Retail

Low and no alcohol beverages are a growing trend, worldwide. In a short space of time the value of the ‘low & no’ category has grown rapidly. In the off-trade, in the past year, £43 million was spent on low and no alcohol beer. Sales of low and no alcohol beer in the on-trade are … Read More

Social media for indie retail

October 11, 2019Retail

Everybody loves a social media statistic, right? We know that a lot of people use social media. There are approximately 3.5 billion active social media users in the world at present (Oct 2019). Hard to fathom the scale of this? Well this is equal to the TOTAL amount of people who were alive on the … Read More

Winning in technology

September 27, 2019Retail

Technology is data. The world is full of data. Every action that you do is data. Every word you speak is a data. You walk, you dance, you speak, you sleep, you study, everything is data. But how can you be winning in technology within the convenience sector? Earlier this week I had the privilege of … Read More

Staff insights: Never forget!

September 20, 2019Retail

Sometimes it’s easier to forget about staff insights and to focus solely on the customer. I carried out research for a leading FMCG supplier some years ago. They wanted customer insights as they were spending significant amounts designing and developing new, high impact POS (point of sale) for retailers to use in store, and wanted … Read More