Getting back to the office

August 18, 2020Consumer, Hospitality, On-Trade

It’s been almost 5 months since the UK lockdown was announced. Since then many retail and hospitality businesses have closed and re-opened and staff have returned to their place of work. For many office-based employees their return to work remains in limbo as they continue to work from home. According to recent data from ONS, … Read More

Alcohol-free drinking

February 12, 2020On-Trade

Alcohol-free drinking occasions are on the rise In celebration of the launch of our low and no research report, we’ve spoken to a number of industry experts to gain different perspectives into the low and no opportunity. Here we get the perspective of the bar operator. All Bar One have led the way in satisfying … Read More

Alcohol free spirits

February 6, 2020On-Trade

Low and No alcohol – the brand perspective As part of our focus on low and no, we’re sharing a series of interviews with industry experts giving a different perspective on the growth in low and no drinks. We’ll be hearing from alcohol free spirits brands, low and no beer brands, retailers and on-trade operators. … Read More

CBD infused drinks

September 30, 2019On-Trade

The acronym ‘CBD’ is everywhere as we enter the last months of 2019. A recent article in The Guardian estimates that 1.3 million UK Consumers are currently spending £300m a year on CBD products. Just this week, I attended the WSTA conference, where CBD drinks, and other products, were discussed at length. Meanwhile, Muhu, the UK’s first … Read More

Pub Charity

September 6, 2019On-Trade

Firstly, congratulations to all the shortlisted and winning pubs at last night’s GBPAs. I hope there are many sore heads and smiling faces throughout the industry this morning! Speaking of smiling faces, this week I had the pleasure of meeting with the pub charity organisation, PubAid. We discussed the mammoth amount of work that pubs all … Read More

Zoning within pubs

August 27, 2019On-Trade

Zoning within pubs is nothing new. After all, back in the olden days we had the most basic of area separation in smoking/non-smoking areas. But as time passes, we’re getting better at it. When executed well, it can help a pub to meet that magical demand of being all things to all people. This week … Read More

Ninth Life

August 2, 2019On-Trade

A pub experience at the Ninth Life in Catford is the cat’s whiskers. Katy Moses, Managing Director I had the pleasure of visiting Ninth Life in Catford this week, on recommendation from a friend in the industry. I say ‘pleasure’ because I had a delicious lunch with said friend, and it’s only 12 minutes from … Read More

Alcohol free pub

July 26, 2019On-Trade

Pub customers drunk on virtue. Alcohol-free pub pop-up, Clean Vic, by Sainsbury’s, pulls in the crowds. Katy Moses, MD & Founder This week I paid a visit to the Clean Vic, the Holborn-located alcohol-free pub created by Sainsbury’s. Yes, Sainsbury’s the supermarket. Usually The Old Crown, The Clean Vic has what you would expect from … Read More

TV sports in pubs and bars

May 30, 2019On-Trade

On Wednesday night I was forced to watch what I was told would be “an amazing football match”- Chelsea V Arsenal in the Europa League Final. After what seemed like an age of negotiating to watch it in a pub (I saw that as a compromise, after all, watching tv sports in pubs and bars is … Read More

Drinks Trade Regatta

May 17, 2019On-Trade

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending 3 days and nights with the great and good of the industry at the Drinks Trade Regatta. Now, yacht racing wasn’t exactly something I was taught growing up in Caterham (pres de Croydon, as we learnt un-ironically to say in our French lessons), and it’s fair to … Read More