CBD infused drinks

September 30, 2019On-Trade

The acronym ‘CBD’ is everywhere as we enter the last months of 2019. A recent article in The Guardian estimates that 1.3 million UK Consumers are currently spending £300m a year on CBD products. Just this week, I attended the WSTA conference, where CBD drinks, and other products, were discussed at length. Meanwhile, Muhu, the UK’s first … Read More

Pub Charity

September 6, 2019On-Trade

Firstly, congratulations to all the shortlisted and winning pubs at last night’s GBPAs. I hope there are many sore heads and smiling faces throughout the industry this morning! Speaking of smiling faces, this week I had the pleasure of meeting with the pub charity organisation, PubAid. We discussed the mammoth amount of work that pubs all … Read More

Zoning within pubs

August 27, 2019On-Trade

Zoning within pubs is nothing new. After all, back in the olden days we had the most basic of area separation in smoking/non-smoking areas. But as time passes, we’re getting better at it. When executed well, it can help a pub to meet that magical demand of being all things to all people. This week … Read More

Ninth Life

August 2, 2019On-Trade

A pub experience at the Ninth Life in Catford is the cat’s whiskers. Katy Moses, Managing Director I had the pleasure of visiting Ninth Life in Catford this week, on recommendation from a friend in the industry. I say ‘pleasure’ because I had a delicious lunch with said friend, and it’s only 12 minutes from … Read More

Alcohol free pub

July 26, 2019On-Trade

Pub customers drunk on virtue. Alcohol-free pub pop-up, Clean Vic, by Sainsbury’s, pulls in the crowds. Katy Moses, MD & Founder This week I paid a visit to the Clean Vic, the Holborn-located alcohol-free pub created by Sainsbury’s. Yes, Sainsbury’s the supermarket. Usually The Old Crown, The Clean Vic has what you would expect from … Read More

TV sports in pubs and bars

May 30, 2019On-Trade

On Wednesday night I was forced to watch what I was told would be “an amazing football match”- Chelsea V Arsenal in the Europa League Final. After what seemed like an age of negotiating to watch it in a pub (I saw that as a compromise, after all, watching tv sports in pubs and bars is … Read More

Drinks Trade Regatta

May 17, 2019On-Trade

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending 3 days and nights with the great and good of the industry at the Drinks Trade Regatta. Now, yacht racing wasn’t exactly something I was taught growing up in Caterham (pres de Croydon, as we learnt un-ironically to say in our French lessons), and it’s fair to … Read More

Personalisation key for keeping it real

May 8, 2019On-Trade

It’s been an exciting week here at KAM Towers with the launch of our new insight report, Ontrade Outlook, an in-depth look into what customers want from the future pub- and what publicans are planning on providing. One thing we focus on is the need for personalisation and this was bought to life for me last … Read More

Ontrade Outlook and eating out in pubs

January 11, 2019On-Trade

Good afternoon, and a happy New Year to you all! This year, I HAVE made a couple of resolutions, first, and totally irrelevant to this email, I have started a British Sign Language course. Which I think will be a breeze compared to my second, with is to ‘get better at tech’. We are launching … Read More

Soft drinks and the festive season

December 14, 2018On-Trade

Good morning As time goes by, I find myself, more and more, drinking soft drinks in pubs and bars around Christmas. Obviously that last sentence is complete rubbish- I was just checking that you were paying attention. Contrary to popular belief, I DO drink soft drinks when out (sometimes), but I’m often struck by how uninspiring … Read More