TV sports in pubs and bars

May 30, 2019On-Trade

On Wednesday night I was forced to watch what I was told would be “an amazing football match”- Chelsea V Arsenal in the Europa League Final. After what seemed like an age of negotiating to watch it in a pub (I saw that as a compromise, after all, watching tv sports in pubs and bars is … Read More

Drinks Trade Regatta

May 17, 2019On-Trade

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending 3 days and nights with the great and good of the industry at the Drinks Trade Regatta. Now, yacht racing wasn’t exactly something I was taught growing up in Caterham (pres de Croydon, as we learnt un-ironically to say in our French lessons), and it’s fair to … Read More

Personalisation key for keeping it real

May 8, 2019On-Trade

It’s been an exciting week here at KAM Towers with the launch of our new insight report, Ontrade Outlook, an in-depth look into what customers want from the future pub- and what publicans are planning on providing. One thing we focus on is the need for personalisation and this was bought to life for me last … Read More

Ontrade Outlook and eating out in pubs

January 11, 2019On-Trade

Good afternoon, and a happy New Year to you all! This year, I HAVE made a couple of resolutions, first, and totally irrelevant to this email, I have started a British Sign Language course. Which I think will be a breeze compared to my second, with is to ‘get better at tech’. We are launching … Read More

Soft drinks and the festive season

December 14, 2018On-Trade

Good morning As time goes by, I find myself, more and more, drinking soft drinks in pubs and bars around Christmas. Obviously that last sentence is complete rubbish- I was just checking that you were paying attention. Contrary to popular belief, I DO drink soft drinks when out (sometimes), but I’m often struck by how uninspiring … Read More


November 30, 2018On-Trade

Good morning I recently went on a long walk through the back streets of South London, I love a good city walk. On that walk I found myself near the famous Camberwell Arts College and passed several pubs and bars dedicated to their student population. I was impressed by the lengths that they were going to … Read More


November 16, 2018On-Trade

Good afternoon The Next Big Thing- if only we could be sure what it was, there’d be no need for (fantastically run, cost effective) research programmes, futurologists or big advertising campaigns. Waitrose seem to think that THEY know what the next big thing is– they’re tipping Mezcal to take over from Gin- after a 48% increase … Read More


November 9, 2018On-Trade

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