Rumours of the death of focus groups has been greatly exaggerated

April 2, 2019Marketing

With the increase in availability of new technologies and ‘instant insight’ it’s often easy to dismiss traditional research methodologies as yesterday’s news. However, although many new techniques have enhanced the data collection process, there are still not many better ways to get true, unedited customer insight than by speaking to them – face to face. … Read More

Charity and pasta straws at Pub19

February 8, 2019Consumer, Hospitality, Marketing

Good morning all Blake and I spent some time at the Pub19 trade show this week and several things caught our eye- The gin boom continues with no sign of abating Thanks to the above phenomenon, there’s a glut of new premium tonics and mixers flooding onto the market Nobody REALLY knows what the next … Read More

Fyre, Fyre, the festival’s on Fyre!

February 8, 2019Marketing, Retail

Fyre Fyre the festival’s on Fyre! I’m on a roll with the Alan Partridge references now. This one is a little more obscure and perhaps aimed at the 1%. Which could also be said for those who were the main targets for the ill-fated and now infamous Fyre festival. You don’t need me to tell … Read More

January blues on booze, meats it’s match

January 18, 2019Marketing

Oh Christmas, where did you go? Like a breath of wind through the trees and the distance sounds of a babbling brook. For it feels an aching eternity since those halcyon days where double cream on your cornflakes, prosecco for lunch and basically anything you could fit in your gob from then onwards seemed a … Read More

The John Lewis advert…and no, not that one!

November 29, 2018Marketing

With under 4 weeks to go until Christmas it’s just about acceptable to start writing about it…just. Although compared to when the stores and adverts start with the festivities I’m practically in mid-February about now. For anyone like me, that is someone who very much enjoys Christmas and everything it’s about but is more than … Read More