Pubs rise to the challenge

March 30, 2020Hospitality

UK Pubs are rising to the challenge of corona Well another week (yes, it’s only been a week, sorry) has passed by and our current situation is still ever-changing. Pubs, bars and restaurants may be closed, but they’re still managing to be at the centre of the communities that they have served so brilliantly right … Read More

Message from KAM

March 24, 2020Hospitality, Uncategorized

A message to our clients and friends in hospitality We are thinking of each and everyone of you during this devastating time. Our hearts go out to hospitality employers and employees during this uncertainty. We want to support you and the wider industry wherever possible. For the period of the outbreak, please see us as … Read More

Corona and Hospitality

March 19, 2020Hospitality

Well, where to start? The hospitality industry is in dire straits – you don’t need me to tell you that. I’ve spent the last five days on countless calls with people who run businesses in our industry and those that work in them, it’s been both depressing and uplifting in equal measure. There has never … Read More

Remote working

September 2, 2019Hospitality

This blog was written by Jack Ronayne, a student of Warwick University, studying Economics. Jack spent 2 weeks interning at KAM Media during the summer in-between his 1st and 2nd years of studies.  Remote working is on the increase in the UK as people try to find better work-life balances and employers seek to create … Read More

Customer experience

August 12, 2019Hospitality

When customer experience goes bad. Sounds like a show that Gordon Ramsey should be presenting on ITV3. In all honesty I would rather face a barrage of expletives and spittle in my face from Mr Angry than have to revisit this experience. The bar I had the displeasure of visiting was located in Gerrard Street, London. … Read More

Health and wellness

July 5, 2019Hospitality

The only way you won’t have heard the phrase “health and wellness” is if you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so. But what does the trend for all things “good” mean to the hospitality industry? Our recent research into Generation Z told us that 49% of those aged 18-24 would rather go to the gym … Read More


June 13, 2019Hospitality

Today I’d like to focus on our future, the children, with a final mention of my trip Stateside. Whilst in the US, I was staying friends. Therefore spending a lot of my time either playing taxi driver to and from the various sports events that their children participate.  At the same time trying to find … Read More

New York, new ideas

June 12, 2019Hospitality

Well, it was lovely to see the great and good of the hospitality industry at Tuesday’s Bii Summer Lunch. Many congratulations to the guys at The Railway at Lowdham who won the prestigious Licensee of the year award. I’d just got back from a short trip to New York to see a friend. So I headed … Read More

Happy birthday to me?

May 24, 2019Hospitality

It’s my birthday this weekend (feel free to send expensive gifts) and I’ve had a terrible experience trying to book a table for 9 people for lunch. Happy birthday to me? Well, the first two experiences went like this- Restaurant one- ‘Hi can I book a table for 9 people?’ ‘Certainly, you’ll need to pre-order … Read More

Crossing boundaries

April 12, 2019Hospitality

As some of you are aware, KAM work across grocery retail as well as hospitality. This week I had the pleasure of seeing for myself, at the ACS conference, the way that grocery retailers are embracing how consumers want to shop- ie; blurring the lines between on and off trade. One particular store that stood out was … Read More