The Power of the Pub

March 2, 2021Hospitality

Before this dreaded pandemic hit, 15 million adults visited at least one of the (then) 47,600 British pubs each week. They may well have visited multiple pubs on multiple occasions that week. But visit, they did. The British pub is a unique institution. Going to the pub has long been one of the most popular … Read More

Licensees have their say

February 24, 2021Hospitality

Pub companies get a thumbs up from licensees Licensees across 19 leading pub companies and family brewers have given a thumbs up to the support they have received from their pub companies during the Covid-19 crisis. KAM Media has recently spoken to over 1,330 licensees as part of ‘The Licensee Index’, an annual operator benchmarking … Read More

The next phase in food delivery

January 21, 2021Hospitality

Food delivery is fast moving into its next phase. Only 7% of UK consumers were using delivery apps on a weekly basis before this crisis – that figure was around 24% after the first lockdown. Delivery is now providing hospitality with a much-needed source of income. Consumers have been forgiving of the kinks in new … Read More

What’s next for hospitality?

December 14, 2020Hospitality

What’s next for hospitality? At the end of a long and devastating year for hospitality in the UK, Katy Moses, MD of KAM Media, looks at what 2021 could possibly hold for the industry- asking “what’s next for hospitality?” (If you don’t get her weekly blogs you can sign up here.) “As we near the … Read More

Generation Z want to get out!

December 13, 2020Hospitality

Generation Z and hospitality There’s one customer group who have held strong for hospitality throughout the pandemic- almost unshakeable in their support for the industry and their desire to socialise and consume in an environment outside of their own homes. And I’m not talking about the KAM team… Let’s hear it for Generation Z. (To be … Read More

New Year’s Eve 2020 in hospitality

December 10, 2020Hospitality

Consumers expectations for New Year’s Eve 2020 Take a look below at our latest research showing what consumers would consider purchasing this New Years Eve. We looked at how the status of their local restaurants and pubs is likely to impact their behaviour during New Year’s Eve 2020 in hospitality. You can download the full … Read More

Christmas 2020 in hospitality

November 13, 2020Consumer, Hospitality

Consumers expectations for Christmas 2020 Take a look at our latest research showing what consumers would consider purchasing this Christmas. We looked at how the status of their local restaurants and pubs is likely to impact their behaviour during Christmas 2020 in hospitality? You can download the full infographic here. Or read more about our … Read More

Re-opening hospitality – again

November 11, 2020Hospitality

Well, who would’ve thought that “Christmas” would become only the THIRD most contentious ‘C-word’ in 2020? But here we are, preparing for re-opening hospitality, again. Here’s the bad news… For the last 18 months of weekly tracking by YouGov, Britain’s mood has primarily been “apathetic”. This all changed in March, when “fear” took over. Last … Read More

Changing beer drinking habits

November 11, 2020Consumer, Hospitality, Retail

Lockdown is changing the longer-term habits of beer enthusiasts New research shows that beer enthusiasts are more open to trying new and different beers than ever. 91% having tried a beer that they’d never consumed before in the last two months alone. Beer drinking habits are changing. Feedback from 800+ craft & modern beer consumers … Read More

Hospitality customers accept ‘new normal’

November 9, 2020Hospitality

Lockdown hits just as customers accept hospitality’s ‘new normal’ The latest Customer Sentiment Tracker from Feed It Back and KAM Media found that lockdown is hitting us just as things seemed to be heading towards a “normal” level with regards to hospitality customer sentiment. Based on feedback from 89,825 customers via the Feed It Back … Read More