Healthy snacking

August 16, 2019Consumer

We are officially a nation that loves to snack, there are apparently more than 19 billion snacking opportunities in the UK per year, and more than two-thirds of consumers snack at least five times a week (Kantar). The healthy snacking bar market is now worth £365m and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 5.95% … Read More

Value of customer insight

July 31, 2019Consumer

Realising the true value of customer insight. Why knowing your customers is more important than them being right or wrong. Blake Gladman, Strategy & Insight Director It’s never been a better time to be a start-up in the food and drink industry. The smaller and more nimble brands are better placed to steal share from … Read More

Spending power of over 65s

June 5, 2019Consumer

Age is just a number? Spending power of over 65s is growing but should they be your target market? Blake Gladman, Strategy & Insight Director Age is just a number. The thing is, numbers don’t lie and one in particular is pretty significant, that number being 21. This isn’t the age I wish I still … Read More

Alcohol Free Beer

May 16, 2019Consumer

“Nothing ever tasted better than a cold alcohol free beer on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look forward to than more of the same.” Blake Gladman, Strategy & Insight Director This week has felt like the summer is starting to wake up from its annual slumber and stretch its legs in preparation for the … Read More

Shopping experiences

May 3, 2019Consumer

How can we create shopping experiences that will tap into and serve our human needs? It’s those that can deliver across each of the stages of human needs who will deliver in the long term for shoppers Maslow’s hierarchy, till-less stores, the cult of status and finding self-fulfilment in a convenience store | Blake Gladman, Strategy … Read More

Are you responsible?

April 5, 2019Consumer

I was lucky enough to be part of the judging panel for the Scottish Local Retailer Rewards this week. It was great to see so many independent retailers doing great work throughout their stores and across their communities. One of the categories was to reward the best retailer for ‘responsible retailing’. It was fascinating to … Read More

The experience economy: Connecting with customers

March 18, 2019Consumer

The experience economy: The move from shifting ‘stuff’ to connecting with customers on a more emotional level. The term was first coined by Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore in 1998 through their book of the same name (well worth a read if you’re interested: This trend has of course been popular with … Read More

Charity and pasta straws at Pub19

February 8, 2019Consumer, Hospitality, Marketing

Good morning all Blake and I spent some time at the Pub19 trade show this week and several things caught our eye- The gin boom continues with no sign of abating Thanks to the above phenomenon, there’s a glut of new premium tonics and mixers flooding onto the market Nobody REALLY knows what the next … Read More

I love you…in a way

February 1, 2019Consumer, Retail, Tips

Do you get a card, some chocolates or even something a bit fancier? It’s only a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day – a day in which broken hearts are mended and relationships are reinforced. It does, however, always brings to my mind Alan Partridge.. Alan Partridge on the perfect Valentine’s Day:  “That is the … Read More

What a waster! Who should take responsibility for food portion control?

November 8, 2018Consumer

I saw an article recently about the Margate café, that has seen an unprecedented influx of customers over the last couple of months, since images of Pete Doherty completing their mega breakfast challenge went viral. For those of you who weren’t aware of the original new story – earlier this year in August, the Libertines … Read More