The continued growth of low and no

January 21, 2021Consumer

The low and no category has hit the mainstream with consumer awareness of low & no increasing significantly over the last 12 months. Our brand new research, carried out in partnership with Peroni Libera 0.0%, highlights the continued growth of low and no. It found that nearly 1-in-2 consumers have now tried a low or … Read More

Consumers make an effort for Valentine’s Day 2021

January 13, 2021Consumer

1-in-5 consumers intend to make a bigger effort than normal this Valentine’s Day 2021, especially Generation Z and younger Millennials, according to a new consumer poll. We’ve has teamed up with Toggle to understand consumer intentions for Valentine’s Day 2021. DOWNLOAD FULL INFOGRAPHIC HERE. Yesterday’s consumer poll (13th Jan 2021) found that despite most people … Read More

2.7m give up on Dry January

January 6, 2021Consumer

Nearly 1-in-4 of those who attempted Dry January 2021 have already given in to temptation. A snap poll carried out yesterday (5/1/21) by KAM Media found that it’s only 5 days into the new year and around 2.7 million people have already given up and consumed alcohol. 30% of UK adults intended to take part … Read More

Christmas 2020 in hospitality

November 13, 2020Consumer, Hospitality

Consumers expectations for Christmas 2020 Take a look at our latest research showing what consumers would consider purchasing this Christmas. We looked at how the status of their local restaurants and pubs is likely to impact their behaviour during Christmas 2020 in hospitality? You can download the full infographic here. Or read more about our … Read More

Changing beer drinking habits

November 11, 2020Consumer, Hospitality, Retail

Lockdown is changing the longer-term habits of beer enthusiasts New research shows that beer enthusiasts are more open to trying new and different beers than ever. 91% having tried a beer that they’d never consumed before in the last two months alone. Beer drinking habits are changing. Feedback from 800+ craft & modern beer consumers … Read More

Diversification in pubs

October 29, 2020Consumer, Hospitality

Whether in tier 1, 2 or 3, the immediate future remains uncertain for England’s pubs. New restrictions, including the 10pm curfew and bans on households mixing indoors, provide yet further challenges for pubs. They also exacerbate the traditional challenges that pubs face and have faced for many years; how to drive more (and new) footfall … Read More

Getting back to the office

August 18, 2020Consumer, Hospitality, On-Trade

It’s been almost 5 months since the UK lockdown was announced. Since then many retail and hospitality businesses have closed and re-opened and staff have returned to their place of work. For many office-based employees their return to work remains in limbo as they continue to work from home. According to recent data from ONS, … Read More

New breed of beer enthusiasts

July 21, 2020Consumer

A new breed of beer enthusiast emerges from lockdown Three months spent in lockdown has significantly shifted the way many are consuming beer, according to our new survey of 2,364 beer enthusiasts in collaboration with Brew//LDN. The research was supported by BrewTapp, Kegstar and Fleet St Communications. During lockdown, respondents have been drinking beer more … Read More

The post-corona consumer

April 7, 2020Consumer

“When all this is over”, an overused phrase if ever there was one, what can we expect from the post-corona consumer? At first we’re likely to experience a period of unleashed consumption which has been suppressed for months in isolation and lockdown. When consumer spending returns to normal, it’s unlikely that behaviour will revert back … Read More

Low and no research

January 24, 2020Consumer

1-in-4 pub visits are non-alcoholic, according to new customer research According to our brand new low and no customer research, 25% of pubs visits now don’t include alcohol. With the predicted increase in non-alcoholic visits, 2-in-3 licensees are asking for support to help them maximise the growing opportunity. Our research is based on feedback from 1,000 … Read More