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Research and insight experts, providing the tools to understand your customer's journeys. Using consumer and operator research and insights to help identify the ways in which your business can improve.

KAM Media insight

Understanding and influencing the customer journey

Whether your customer is the end consumer, a hospitality operator or a wholesaler, understanding and influencing the customer journey is vital to any business. Marketing (product, price, place and promotions) and people (field sales, BDMs, front-line staff, etc.) are the core elements at play. Our research and insight tools and services are designed to help you better understand why, where and how to create impactful and engaging customer journeys.

Tools and services

Bespoke solutions

Utilising our research and insight expertise, our bespoke solutions provide a one-stop shop that can deliver the perfect research package tailored to your specific requirements.

Insights and trends

Keeping you informed and inspired. Our insight reports tap into the trends impacting your business, providing understanding and context to help you keep ahead of the curve.

Video production

A unique video production service offering research summary films, brand films, internal comms, viral marketing, training films, show-reels and more. All delivered through our professional film production team.


Our approach has lent itself to establishing training programs and director level engagement, editorials, blogs and conferences. Creating content that has a unique voice. With expertise and a dash of irreverence.

“Charles Wells has to be a ‘partner focussed business’ and to do this you have to get close to understand what their needs and priorities are – this work has enabled us to do this in a way we probably couldn’t do ourselves and I’d recommend KAM to anyone thinking about a similar approach.”

Richard Bishop, Pub Partners DirectorCharles Wells

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